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Jobs With RomeEscape


RomeEscape is part of the WorldEscape Group

WorldEscape is always seeking talented people who can offer the company something.

If you have a talent you think you can offer like SEO, programming, writing, bug finding or something else you think would benefit WorldEscape we want to hear from you.


Current positions


  • Freelancer Travel Writers (Locations: World Wide): We are seeking writers who can write unique articles/blog on any travel subjects for our collection.  On average we pay between $0.5 and $0.10 per word. If you have excellent writing skills rewards can be much higher.


  • Bug Bounties. If you have programme skills you may be into squashing bugs. Bugs come in all shapes and sizes and the bounty paid tend to match. Rewards start at $50



Coming Positions

WorldEscape is in the process of launching VacationRentalsClub.com with over 6000 cities.

We have potentially 6000 jobs on offer. We are seeking a person to take on a city (the one they are living in) and it is their job to make their city great again. 

The rewards are endless for the right people and even better is any accommodation booking your city generates you earn a decent %. 

Examples of revenue producing ideas for a city. 

Adding a "What's On" guide and keep it up to date. 

Daily images "today in ????", 

Adding additional content to boost rankings like articles about your city. 

Arrange guided tours for visitors.

Arrange cooking events for visitors.